Come, Smoke Wit Me Poppa Boehner!

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Speaker of the House, John Boehner’s daughter Lindsay not only bought Jamaican born Dominic Lahkan “home for dinner,” she also just recently  married him! Why is this newsworthy?

Well, John is the Speaker of the House…however, this is newsworthy because Boehner is opposed to the legalization of marijuana, and it appears that his new son-in law, Dominic may have indulged in a “puff or two” in the past.

I say this because of Dominic’s well-known, now highly publicised, police report in 2006, (which was actually copied and published in one article that I read; my question is…why?) which stated that they found a small amount of marijuana in his ashtray.

The funny thing is that John is a staunch conservative, and since he is so “unalterably opposed” (his words, not mine, A.K.A. indignantly closed-minded and stubbornly ignorant, no matter what the evidence is to the contrary) to the legalization (even the medical usage) of marijuana, I guess he obviously didn’t join Dominic and Lindsay for any wedding, “after dinner smokes! 🙂

‘Whether it is the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society – all of those people, by and large don’t believe there is any medicinal value in marijuana,’ Boehner told CNN in 2009.


Uhm, hello John, just a couple of tidbits of info for you. First, you may want to check with your sources before you go spouting their beliefs in behalf of yours. And second, if you’re making public policy, which deals with people’s lives, you shouldn’t rely on getting the objective, scientific information that you need in order to make an informed, educated decision from some biased organizations like the AMA, or the ACS.

But, the funny thing is that (obviously unbeknownst to John) even The AMA clearly stated in 2009 that the Feds need to review their restrictions on marijuana

Also, in Report 3 of the AMA Council on Science and Public Health (I-09) Use of Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes (Resolutions 910, I-08; 921, I-08; and 229, A-09) it clearly states, (emphasis added by me):

“The cannabis sativa plant contains more than 60 unique structurally related chemicals (phytocannabinoids). Thirteen states have enacted laws to remove state-level criminal penalties for possessing marijuana for qualifying patients, however the federal government refuses to recognize that the cannabis plant has an accepted medical benefit.”

OK apparently, not only does the AMA not share the views that Boehner has, he obviously doesn’t even know what they believe! And I guess he also thinks (as many out-of-touch politicians seem to think…can you say Romney?) that we’re supposed to just sit idly by and believe any and everything he says without checking it first, as if all politicians tell the truth and as if we don’t have PC’s at our fingertips.

It’s almost as if they must be smoking something themselves!

As far as the American Cancer Society goes, even though they don’t advocate the usage of mary-jane, their stance has changed as well. This is taken from their own PDF, I quote:

ACS Position on Marijuana

“The IOM’s report suggests that there may be a benefit to cancer patients from the chemicals, or cannabinoids, contained within marijuana. These studies appear to show that cannabinoids will help alleviate the nausea, vomiting, wasting, and muscle spasms caused by chemotherapy in some patients.”

“The ACS is supportive of more research into the benefits of cannabinoids. Better and more effective treatments are needed to overcome the side effects of cancer and its treatment.”

To top it all off at last count, 52% of Americans were in favor of legalizing pot Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it the job of public servants like Boehner to do the will of the constituents who elected him, and not to impart what he thinks is best for the people based on his own apparent ignorance?

The facts are, whether I, or Boehner believe marijuana is safe, or should be legalized or not doesn’t matter as much as the real people who have said that it helps them relieve pain, or aids in whatever it is that it does for them. It’s not like we’re talking about something new, or deadly here; cannabis has been utilized safely, the world over for medicinal use without any known deaths attributed to it for over 3000 years!

Can we say the same thing for man-made, synthetic pharmaceuticals that are on the market ? Of course not! Statin drugss have been associated with 92 deaths alone! The hypocrisy is laughable

As a Family Herbalist, I personally know first hand of more than one cancer patient who has gone through the debilitating, almost inhumane effects of chemo and radiation. What kind of indignant, insensitive sadist do you have to be to deny someone else the alleviation of their pain and suffering, just because of your ignorance, and/or, ill-formed beliefs, (or even well-formed beliefs for that matter?)  The nerve!

This ties directly into the pursuit of happiness, which is our birthright guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in this country. Oh, I’m sorry, where are my manners, this was supposed to be about a wedding…congratulations Lindsay and Dominic, I hope you are fruitful and multiply!





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